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Why Western Born Muslim Children Are More “Radical” Than Their Parents

People wonder about the paradox occurring in Western and non-Muslim countries where in Muslim children seem more religiously conservative and radical than their parents, all the while being raised in a secular environment, versus the environment their parents were raised in. The duplicitous nature of personality the Islamic religion requires of its adherents is well documented and observed. In Muslim dominated societies, Islamic Law calls the shots.

In non-Muslim societies where Muslim reside in, obviously Islamic law has no recourse because that is not how the power structure is set up in those societies, hence they have no respect for the Qur’an or Hadith in terms of legal recourse, or for any other reason for that matter.

In this blog post, we delve deep into what mosques and Islamic schools in America, and the non-Muslim world at-large, are teaching their children and why it seems that the children are becoming even more “radical” than their parents who were born in an Islamic country.

Teachings of the Mosques

The main culprit for this phenomenon are the teachings at these mosques. One such book series that has been taught is the My Book of Islam children’s book series.

My Book of Islam – Jihadi Training for Children

My Book of Islam is an Islamic children’s book series. The first version of this series was released in 1988. This book series is taught in many Islamic schools in the West including the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia.

Where You Can Find This Book

I created a PDF version of this book since I could not find an electronic version of it. My goal is to expose these people and their motives so that everyone can see what their true intentions really are.

You can download it at: My Book of Islam – Book 5.

However, you can find this specific book on Amazon and buy it used, or you can see the rest of the series at: My Book of Islam series.

Keep in mind that the preceding link goes to an Islamic store. Who knows where your money goes when you buy from organizations that peddle this kind of ideology?

Do the Teachings of My Book of Islam represent “mainstream” Islam or “radical” Islam?

Before I go on, I know what you are thinking: How many mosques actually use this book? Well, that answer can be answered by the book itself:

Teachings of Jihad

Not at all shocking is the fact that this book for children encourages Jihad. Here, we learn about a Jihadi named Khalid – a bad Jihadi, so bad in fact that he NEVER died in battle. In fact, in this story, he is on his death bed, crying because he lived a long life. He fought and fought and never died in a battle. Awww, how sad:

Next, a few pages later, we learn about Al-Khansa. Al-Khansa is an Islamic convert, who, after converting to Islam, she encourages her sons to go “fight the enemy” and is hoping that they die. When they end up dying, she celebrates because she thinks dying for Islam is a great thing:

Other Absurd Teachings

Non-Muslims are the lowest Animals

Muslims hidden agenda:

Prayer is not for spirituality, but for obedience to leader:

How Many Mosques are Peddling This Literature?

Now keep in mind, this book is from 1988, but in the first few pages, we learn the answer to this question:

There are definitely more than 60 mosques in America, let alone the rest of the West. This book is saying that this is being used in more than 60 Islamic institutions all across the west. This is important because people think that it’s just the internet that people are becoming Jihadis, but the mosques themselves are teaching it as we see here.

Confirmed Mosques and Islamic Centers That Have Used “My Book of Islam” to “Teach”

The Islamic Society of Orange County, which has confirmed that
two ISIS terrorists and Adam Gadahn have all come from Muzammil Siddiqi’s grand mosque which also houses a school where they have taught this material to their students.

Click here for more on Islamic Schools in America

How Islamists Set The Stage for the Orlando Massacre.

Mohammad’s Miracle

Muslims often speak about the miracle of Mohammad.  That he had ONE amazing “miracle”, and that miracle was the “miracle” of the Qur’an.  That because Mohammad was apparently an illiterate man, there was no way he could have produced the Qur’an.

If you listen to the Qur’an in Arabic, it rhymes, it is very poetic.  It is almost like you are listening to a song if the right person, with the right voice is reciting the Qur’an in it’s original language.  That aspect of it is lost when you read it on other languages.

To any objective person, and a person who is a critical thinker, this argument doesn’t hold water at all.  Just because Mohammad couldn’t read or write doesn’t mean he couldn’t speak and say words that rhyme together.

On top of that, I don’t care about the style of the Qur’an as much as I care about the substance of it, and when you read what the Qur’an actually says by reading the various translations – it doesn’t say much at all.

It repeats itself over and over, condemning non-Muslims and unbelievers alike with absurd stories and commands.  It jumps from topic to topic mindlessly.  The real miracle of the Qur’an to me is that we are in the year 2014, and this religion is the second largest religion in the world and still growing!

But getting back to the idea of Mohammad having a miracle.  When most people think of a miracle, they think of something that could never happen in real life.  Something that would require something or someone out of this world defying the laws of physics to make something happen.

In Mohammad’s case, he does have a “miracle”.  Granted, no one else saw this miracle happen and Muslims just take him on his word without questioning.

The miracle goes like this – apparently Allah sent down arch-Angel Gabriel to Mohammad as Mohammad was resting at the Kabaa.  Gabriel was accompanied by a winged horse named “Burack”.  Mohammad apparently then did the following:

  • Flew on the horse through space.
  • Then made it to heaven by flying through space.
  • While in heaven, met other religious figures such as Jesus, Moses, and Noah.
  • Saw Hell and later stated that the majority of people in Hell were women because “they did not appreciate their husbands enough” or something to that affect.

Now if you believe this story, then in essence you are saying that you believe that Mohammad was the first man in space.  That the first man in space wasn’t in the 20th century on a space ship.  No, instead, it was Mohammad in the 7th century on a horse.

Now that my friends, is quite a miracle.


Do Muslims Worship Allah, Mohammad, or Both

Years ago, people in the West would refer to Muslims as Mohammadans, a term Muslims would contend as ignorant and inaccurate.  But is it really?

When you look at Islam, Muslims revere Mohammad to a point where to any objective person – is a form of worship.  Having ideas such as:

  • Mohammad was the example of humanity.
  • Mohammad was most perfect human.
  • If anyone insults Mohammad, he should be killed.
  • Doing whatever Mohammad reportedly said or did without even thinking.

Are all forms of worship.  Muslims will contend that they worship God, but the Qur’an itself says to do what Mohammad said.  To follow Mohammad’s word, although “Allah” knows best.

The Hadith says that you should put Mohammad above your family members including your children and your spouse.  You should love Mohammad the most.

Acknowledging and understanding the above, can you really blame outsiders for calling Muslims “Mohammadans”?


Questioning, Critical Thinking and Islam

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that Islam does not tolerate being questioned.  In fact, in Islam, it is a sin to question the religion as they believe that “only Allah has the right to question, you have no right to question Allah”.

Sadly, this works on people in the religion.  It is a sick form of mind control.  The fact of the matter is that questioning and critical thinking are krypotnite to Islam because when you genuinely question it, it become obvious there is no truth to it.

For example, in the Qur’an, every chapter starts off by the phrase, “In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate”.  And then goes “Allah” goes off raging against the non-Muslims – a group of people “He”(Because as we all know “God” is a male – though Muslims will contend with you that this is just showing the masculinity and strength of “God”.) created.

Allah apparently gets jealous and angry when others are worshiped or he is not worshiped at all.

So let’s look at this in the big picture of things – something Muslims don’t do and if they did they would start to see their faith unraveling.

Allah created everything in the universe and man.  He gave man free will and Allah is all knowing.  Allah should, theoretically in advance, KNOW that people are not going to believe in this ONE religion.  In fact, he should know that the majority of people are going to make up their own religions (they are all man-made), and yet he gets extremely angry and destroys people for not being in this ONE religion.

A religion that says that His creation is perfect, and then commands you to mutilate your son’s genitals.

A religion that says Allah gave you free will yet condones slavery yet if you drink one sip of alcohol, you are going to be whipped 40 to 80 times.

A religion that condones having sexual relations with slave girls caught in battles – also known as rape – yet two people who love each other, who have not married each other, cannot have sexual relations with each other.  In fact, if they do, they will also be whipped.

That’s just a few disgusting things about Islam.  I encourage you to pick up a Qur’an and Hadith book, and read.  It will make you sick to your stomach.

No Compulsion in Religion

Whenever it is brought up about how Muslims force people into their religion and don’t allow freedom, many of them will say “You are basing this on the media.  It is not true!” or some variation on that theme.

They will then continue by citing the following verse in the Qur’an: “Let there be no compulsion  in religion: truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks.  And God heareth and knoweth all things.” (Surah 2:256)

The verse above is from the Yusuf Ali translation(the most popular translation of the Qur’an).  Now Muslims will insist that see our religion allows you to be free!  If someone were to point out the other verses of the Qur’an which promote slavery, rape, violence, etc. etc. etc. – which MOST of the Qur’an does – you’ll probably get called out by Muslims for “cherry-picking” and “reading it out of context”.  But that’s a bit of a stretch – because it’s the Muslims who are taking this ONE verse and implying that this one verse represents the whole of Islam.

The fact of the matter is, apostasy is met with death.  If you drink alcohol you are met with fierce violence in the form of being whipped 40 to 80 times.  Slavery is accepted in Islam.  Having sexual relations with slave girls is accepted, which in essence we are talking about RAPE. The fact of the matter is the Qur’an is a political document written by men.  It does not promote the well being of anyone other than to revere Mohammad.  It says one thing and then a hundred different times says the exact opposite and is demonstrated throughout Islamic law. No compulsion in religion?  Maybe, in some, but in Islam you are not free.

Islam: Peace or Submission

Many times it is said that Islam means peace – but does it really? Others would say that it means submission?   So which one does Islam truly represent?

The Devil Did Not Bow Down

In Islam, the devil (not saying there actually is one in existence) would now bow down when Allah commanded.

Moral of the story: Submit, be obedient or you are being like the devil.  +1 Submission

If One Falls During Hajj, Continue Walking

During Hajj, if a person should fall, Muslims are instructed to NOT come to the aid of that person and instead KEEP WALKING.  Every year hundreds of people die during Hajj by being trampled to death by their own “brothers and sisters” and no one thinks anything of this bizarre practice.

If a person were to fall to the ground in a mosh pit during a rock & roll show, and the band instructed their fans to just keep moshing and listening to music all the while trampling others to death – people would not stand for it.  However, no one points out to the willful brutality of this practice.  And to think, no one thinks to themselves, “Why would a higher power be so full of himself(as if God – if he exists – has human attributes like jealousy, narcissism, etc.) that he would create his creations to worship him – to the point where you are trampling each other to death.

Moral of this lesson: Submit, be obedient keep walking, who cares about others, only God matters.  +1 Submission

Slavery and Rape – OK.  Drinking Alcohol – Not OK.

Slavery and having sexual relations with your slaves – otherwise known as RAPE – is allowed.  But if you should dare have a sip of alcohol, that is an abomination and will not be tolerated!  Slavery and rape are tolerated, but having a beer isn’t and is met with extreme violence by being whipped 40 to 80 times as accordance with Islamic Law.

Moral of this lesson: Submit, be obedient you can have slaves and rape them, but if you catch anyone drinking alcohol, brutalize them.  +1 Submission

Domestic Violence/Child Abuse

I think everyone has read the verse about “beating your wife lightly” in the Qur’an, but here’s a verse from the Hadith(Muslims believe the Hadith are the sayings of Mohammad whereas the Qur’an is the literal word of God.) stating that regardless if their parents are abusing them, children have no right to rebel or talk back:

“The Prophet said, ‘Any Muslim whose father and mother are Muslims and who wakes every morning with the intention of doing right by them will have two doors opened for him/her in Paradise by Allah.  If only one parent is alive, then one door(will be opened).  If he/she angers a parent, Allah will not be pleased with that person until his/her parent is pleased with him/her.’

Then the Prophet was asked. ‘But what if one’s parents are unjust to him/her?’

He answered, ‘Even if they are unjust(one must act to please one’s parents).”

And you wonder why that culture has a prevalence towards domestic violence?

Moral of this lesson: Submit, be obedient you can treat your children any way you want, they are your children and they have to obey you. If you want to beat them, humiliate them, deprive them – whatever you as the parent  want to do with your child, you can do, and not only that, your children have to not ever react in anger, but instead accept it and still act to please you!  +1 Submission


To anyone being objective about the situation, Islam does not mean peace.  Not unless you were Mohammad, because he gets everything he wants and an army of people who are still protecting him 1400 years after he ever existed – if he existed at all.