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Mohammad’s Miracle

Muslims often speak about the miracle of Mohammad.  That he had ONE amazing “miracle”, and that miracle was the “miracle” of the Qur’an.  That because Mohammad was apparently an illiterate man, there was no way he could have produced the Qur’an.

If you listen to the Qur’an in Arabic, it rhymes, it is very poetic.  It is almost like you are listening to a song if the right person, with the right voice is reciting the Qur’an in it’s original language.  That aspect of it is lost when you read it on other languages.

To any objective person, and a person who is a critical thinker, this argument doesn’t hold water at all.  Just because Mohammad couldn’t read or write doesn’t mean he couldn’t speak and say words that rhyme together.

On top of that, I don’t care about the style of the Qur’an as much as I care about the substance of it, and when you read what the Qur’an actually says by reading the various translations – it doesn’t say much at all.

It repeats itself over and over, condemning non-Muslims and unbelievers alike with absurd stories and commands.  It jumps from topic to topic mindlessly.  The real miracle of the Qur’an to me is that we are in the year 2014, and this religion is the second largest religion in the world and still growing!

But getting back to the idea of Mohammad having a miracle.  When most people think of a miracle, they think of something that could never happen in real life.  Something that would require something or someone out of this world defying the laws of physics to make something happen.

In Mohammad’s case, he does have a “miracle”.  Granted, no one else saw this miracle happen and Muslims just take him on his word without questioning.

The miracle goes like this – apparently Allah sent down arch-Angel Gabriel to Mohammad as Mohammad was resting at the Kabaa.  Gabriel was accompanied by a winged horse named “Burack”.  Mohammad apparently then did the following:

  • Flew on the horse through space.
  • Then made it to heaven by flying through space.
  • While in heaven, met other religious figures such as Jesus, Moses, and Noah.
  • Saw Hell and later stated that the majority of people in Hell were women because “they did not appreciate their husbands enough” or something to that affect.

Now if you believe this story, then in essence you are saying that you believe that Mohammad was the first man in space.  That the first man in space wasn’t in the 20th century on a space ship.  No, instead, it was Mohammad in the 7th century on a horse.

Now that my friends, is quite a miracle.