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Why Western Born Muslim Children Are More “Radical” Than Their Parents

People wonder about the paradox occurring in Western and non-Muslim countries where in Muslim children seem more religiously conservative and radical than their parents, all the while being raised in a secular environment, versus the environment their parents were raised in. The duplicitous nature of personality the Islamic religion requires of its adherents is well documented and observed. In Muslim dominated societies, Islamic Law calls the shots.

In non-Muslim societies where Muslim reside in, obviously Islamic law has no recourse because that is not how the power structure is set up in those societies, hence they have no respect for the Qur’an or Hadith in terms of legal recourse, or for any other reason for that matter.

In this blog post, we delve deep into what mosques and Islamic schools in America, and the non-Muslim world at-large, are teaching their children and why it seems that the children are becoming even more “radical” than their parents who were born in an Islamic country.

Teachings of the Mosques

The main culprit for this phenomenon are the teachings at these mosques. One such book series that has been taught is the My Book of Islam children’s book series.

My Book of Islam – Jihadi Training for Children

My Book of Islam is an Islamic children’s book series. The first version of this series was released in 1988. This book series is taught in many Islamic schools in the West including the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia.

Where You Can Find This Book

I created a PDF version of this book since I could not find an electronic version of it. My goal is to expose these people and their motives so that everyone can see what their true intentions really are.

You can download it at: My Book of Islam – Book 5.

However, you can find this specific book on Amazon and buy it used, or you can see the rest of the series at: My Book of Islam series.

Keep in mind that the preceding link goes to an Islamic store. Who knows where your money goes when you buy from organizations that peddle this kind of ideology?

Do the Teachings of My Book of Islam represent “mainstream” Islam or “radical” Islam?

Before I go on, I know what you are thinking: How many mosques actually use this book? Well, that answer can be answered by the book itself:

Teachings of Jihad

Not at all shocking is the fact that this book for children encourages Jihad. Here, we learn about a Jihadi named Khalid – a bad Jihadi, so bad in fact that he NEVER died in battle. In fact, in this story, he is on his death bed, crying because he lived a long life. He fought and fought and never died in a battle. Awww, how sad:

Next, a few pages later, we learn about Al-Khansa. Al-Khansa is an Islamic convert, who, after converting to Islam, she encourages her sons to go “fight the enemy” and is hoping that they die. When they end up dying, she celebrates because she thinks dying for Islam is a great thing:

Other Absurd Teachings

Non-Muslims are the lowest Animals

Muslims hidden agenda:

Prayer is not for spirituality, but for obedience to leader:

How Many Mosques are Peddling This Literature?

Now keep in mind, this book is from 1988, but in the first few pages, we learn the answer to this question:

There are definitely more than 60 mosques in America, let alone the rest of the West. This book is saying that this is being used in more than 60 Islamic institutions all across the west. This is important because people think that it’s just the internet that people are becoming Jihadis, but the mosques themselves are teaching it as we see here.

Confirmed Mosques and Islamic Centers That Have Used “My Book of Islam” to “Teach”

The Islamic Society of Orange County, which has confirmed that
two ISIS terrorists and Adam Gadahn have all come from Muzammil Siddiqi’s grand mosque which also houses a school where they have taught this material to their students.

Click here for more on Islamic Schools in America

How Islamists Set The Stage for the Orlando Massacre.

Islamophobia, Racism, or just plain BS

One thing I notice from watching Muslims handle criticism about their religion is that when they are legitimately questioned and they cannot field the question or comment, they will immediately go into the victim mode and call the person who is asking the question a bigot, a racist, or Islamophobe.

All three are patently absurd because:

  • Islam is not a race, it is a set of ideas.
  • Islam teaches a lot of horrendous things and to treat non-Muslims like they are subhumans – in essence, it is Islam that is the bigot and we are just calling it out.

Once they have no wiggle room to counter the statement, they need to marginalize the person who is making the claim.  It is all projection with these people.  The fact of the matter is is that it is NOT Islamophobic to point out the horrendous things Islam says to do.

It is a set of ideas, and everyone should have the right to criticize those ideas if they are in fact disgusting, and the Qur’an and Hadith are disgusting on so many levels.

Defending Your Religion

If someone criticizes, questions, or insults Islam, Muslims are taught they must act and defend it – and defend it with their life.  Which to any rational person, should make no sense - and rightfully so.

When they mean “defend” they do not mean defend it in a logical sense, they mean defend it as in “those people have insulted my religion, now I must punish them for doing so”.

Even if they wanted to defend it logically, they cannot – because Islam inherently is not a logical set of ideas.  It cannot be defended logically, and you cannot have a logical discussion with Muslims.  As such, if you attempt to have one, you will either be in one of these situations:

  • You might end up in a situation where the Muslim is talking in circles as they ignore every single one of your points and repeat dogma at your over and over, and putting words in your mouth to re-frame the debate to their liking.  I once got into a debate with a Muslim and referenced this verse:

“Do the unbelievers think that they can take My servants as protectors besides Me?  Verily We have prepared hell for the unbelievers for (their) entertainment.” Sura Al-Kahf(Chapter 18, Verse 102).

And instead of talking about the verse, they completely ignore it and say, “People like Hitler deserve hell” to try to win the argument.  But this verse clearly says UNBELIEVERS and for ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE MUSLIMS TO WATCH PEOPLE BURNING FOR ETERNITY.

  • They will get offended and you will be in a situation where they(Muslims) use intimidation tactics in the form of threats of physical, emotional, verbal abuse.
  • They will call you a racist – which makes no sense because it is not a race.  Or they will call you Islamophobic – which again makes no sense.  All people are doing are pointing out the horrendous things that are said in the Qur’an and Hadith.
  • In some cases, I have known Muslims who can actually listen and don’t get so riled up and instead say “I’ll have to research that”.  These are the Muslims I respect because they are open with what they don’t know and they don’t act all insane or try to manipulate the conversation to win at all costs.

Anyway, recently I spoke with a Muslim person and he said something quite bizarre.  He said,”No one should have to defend their religion…”.  I thought to myself, what an absurd claim.  So let’s take a look at this statement.

Look, if you are in a social group, religion, or otherwise, and someone asks you why you are in that group, you have to give some sort of answer that makes sense.  Maybe it is because the cause really speaks to you, you might enjoy it, it provides emotional benefits, etc.

However, if you are in a religion, that says the provocative things that the Qur’an says about non-Muslims, then you should EXPECT to be asked about those topics.  You don’t necessarily have to defend it, as much as you have to explain yourself.  Do you think like this?  Do you think non-Muslims deserve to burn in a fire for all eternity?  If the answer is yes, then expect to be met with hostility and for people to not like you.

The problem with Muslims is is they want a separate set of rules for themselves where they are never questioned and their religion is never criticized, all the while framing non-Muslims beliefs as though there is something wrong with them.

You can’t have it both ways.  Well, maybe in Saudi Arabia you can.