Islam: Peace or Submission

Many times it is said that Islam means peace – but does it really? Others would say that it means submission?   So which one does Islam truly represent?

The Devil Did Not Bow Down

In Islam, the devil (not saying there actually is one in existence) would now bow down when Allah commanded.

Moral of the story: Submit, be obedient or you are being like the devil.  +1 Submission

If One Falls During Hajj, Continue Walking

During Hajj, if a person should fall, Muslims are instructed to NOT come to the aid of that person and instead KEEP WALKING.  Every year hundreds of people die during Hajj by being trampled to death by their own “brothers and sisters” and no one thinks anything of this bizarre practice.

If a person were to fall to the ground in a mosh pit during a rock & roll show, and the band instructed their fans to just keep moshing and listening to music all the while trampling others to death – people would not stand for it.  However, no one points out to the willful brutality of this practice.  And to think, no one thinks to themselves, “Why would a higher power be so full of himself(as if God – if he exists – has human attributes like jealousy, narcissism, etc.) that he would create his creations to worship him – to the point where you are trampling each other to death.

Moral of this lesson: Submit, be obedient keep walking, who cares about others, only God matters.  +1 Submission

Slavery and Rape – OK.  Drinking Alcohol – Not OK.

Slavery and having sexual relations with your slaves – otherwise known as RAPE – is allowed.  But if you should dare have a sip of alcohol, that is an abomination and will not be tolerated!  Slavery and rape are tolerated, but having a beer isn’t and is met with extreme violence by being whipped 40 to 80 times as accordance with Islamic Law.

Moral of this lesson: Submit, be obedient you can have slaves and rape them, but if you catch anyone drinking alcohol, brutalize them.  +1 Submission

Domestic Violence/Child Abuse

I think everyone has read the verse about “beating your wife lightly” in the Qur’an, but here’s a verse from the Hadith(Muslims believe the Hadith are the sayings of Mohammad whereas the Qur’an is the literal word of God.) stating that regardless if their parents are abusing them, children have no right to rebel or talk back:

“The Prophet said, ‘Any Muslim whose father and mother are Muslims and who wakes every morning with the intention of doing right by them will have two doors opened for him/her in Paradise by Allah.  If only one parent is alive, then one door(will be opened).  If he/she angers a parent, Allah will not be pleased with that person until his/her parent is pleased with him/her.’

Then the Prophet was asked. ‘But what if one’s parents are unjust to him/her?’

He answered, ‘Even if they are unjust(one must act to please one’s parents).”

And you wonder why that culture has a prevalence towards domestic violence?

Moral of this lesson: Submit, be obedient you can treat your children any way you want, they are your children and they have to obey you. If you want to beat them, humiliate them, deprive them – whatever you as the parent  want to do with your child, you can do, and not only that, your children have to not ever react in anger, but instead accept it and still act to please you!  +1 Submission


To anyone being objective about the situation, Islam does not mean peace.  Not unless you were Mohammad, because he gets everything he wants and an army of people who are still protecting him 1400 years after he ever existed – if he existed at all.